Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What do you think of the minimalist/capsule wardrobe?

On my way out the door and so am going to be thinking about this but would love to hear your thoughts on this approach, seems to be a movement these days.

More from me later of course.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Complete random non sewing related photos

If you have absolutely nothing else going on this Sunday afternoon you might be interested in a completely random range of pictures from my week.

I am settled back home now, great trip to NYC, and a head full of thoughts on fitting. As to those who have inquired about using the FIT library you can do so but need to apply for research access. I was able to get that using my university affiliation, not sure what the general policy is. If you can visit that library I have to say it is great. I am currently on a fitting method research tear and the access to a wide range of materials was fantastic.

BTW am I the only one who thinks that the '70s-mid 80s were the golden age of sewing books? 

I am amazed at how many interesting and quite diverse approaches to fitting were developed during that period. As many of these books are still available via eBay or online resellers like Abe Books I am thinking of doing some reviews of my favourites. Good resources if you want to read original thinking and really get your teeth into topics.

I have been busy since I came back and the upcoming week looks even busier. I need to sew though but need some small projects. One thing I was thinking of doing was making some panties, something I haven't done for about 20 years, trying and comparing three patterns, Jalie, Kwik Sew and Jan Bones. What do you think of that?

I should be able to fit in that kind of sewing in between more worthy tasks.

Now onto the random photos as promised:

It is well-established I can't crochet but that didn't stop me from finishing this little unit, helped through to completion by my fascination with the US election coverage which also seems to be going in circles.

I had little Billy over for the weekend and he and I decided to try my new upholstery cleaning device. Since he and Miss Daisy are largely responsible for making this machine a necessity it seemed only fair they help me use it.

Canadian Thanksgiving was a little less than two weeks ago and my husband does the cooking. My mother gave him this jacket as a joke but he actually wears it for big meals and special effect.

I really have my eye on this longer, knit version of a moto jacket. I got some great zippers in New York now I have to just figure out the rest of it and what pattern I should start from.

Even though I don't really crochet very well I still haunt Ravelry for ideas. There is something going on in the minds of crocheters though. In case you can't recognize it the above is a crochet placenta. Of course. What every family needs.

Probably shouldn't put an ambiguous picture of food next but what you see above are some stuffed grape leaves made by the guy in the chef's jacket. What is interesting is he used the grape leaves from the vine that grows around my front window. He made about 500 of these. They freeze.

Now off to trace pantie patterns. Of course.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Flypaper thoughts New York edition

  • Five days here and having a blast
  • Zippers cut to fit and hardware at Botani
  • Nice dinner with Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
  • Time in the FIT library reading about fit, which I have decided I am really interested in
  • Seeing more about drafting is instructive
  • But's what with the "ideal figure"?
  • You tell me one high hip from carrying babies around isn't ideal
  • Or legs gone veiny from those 12 hour shifts
  • Or bent necks from seeing what the kids have written at their desks
  • Or earning a living over a keyboard
  • Or pounds that came with the genes
  • The same ones that gave you your smarts
  • And your common sense
  • Ideal figure, go figure
  • But I did find out that I need to get a flexible ruler
  • Been meaning to do that
  • Spent time with the kids looking at new places with them
  • Hope you don't mind this he said
  • This isn't the sights
  • Are you nuts?
  • Don't they realize once they are off in the world
  • All you really want is chances to be part of their real lives
  • You can buy a farm in some places, a good one
  • For a NY apartment
  • However I am noticing there are a few things around here 
  • You don't have on the farm
  • Just a few
  • Turns out another mother from home is here visiting
  • I know her from a sewing class and she has never done the garment district
  • That will change tomorrow

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flypaper thoughts early morning edition

  • Reading the best book
  • Joy Emery's The history of the paper pattern industry
  • Can't put it down
  • Had me at "the tissue of dreams"
  • Not many blog comments my husband said
  • Maybe you shouldn't have talked about aliens
  • Listen I could have got into the senior who is a guide at the Jello museum
  • Or how my grandfather once had a drugstore up north called Gateway drugs
  • Miss Scarlett said I should publish a book called True stories you shouldn't tell children
  • The racoon hand was a present Birdie brought in and left under a cushion on the couch
  • Talk about big surprises
  • Am going to NYC Saturday for five days
  • So excited
  • This means of course that I have to make a black top today
  • Looked in the closet and realized I needed more black if I was going to the big city
  • Wore a favourite blouse into tape an interview at the radio 
  • Journalist looked at me and said, "couldn't decide what colour to wear so wore them all"
  • Listen it is radio
  • When in doubt go cheerful
  • But I do know a uniform when one is required
  • Wouldn't dare go out in Tennessee without lipstick
  • Reminds me to go to the uniform exhibit at FIT
  • In my black top
  • Being obsessed with fit lately too
  • And hems
  • Re-hemmed one pair of pants three times
  • Wider pants are harder to figure
  • Break at the shoe is out
  • I watch TV and figured out that the pants that look like they need to be hemmed is important
  • Even on men's suits
  • Question
  • Are they so long they bunch up because that's the style?
  • Or because no one at home can hem any more?
  • Daughter's friend cut off too long jeans and asked me was there anything she should do with the edge
  • Said she seemed to remember there was something she should do
  • Best thing about New York is the nice zippers
  • Love having my niece in the basement
  • Good to hear about tests being written and to remember all the time and energy spent on thinking about relationships
  • Makes me glad that my own love life involves hearing about how someone can drive five hours
  • With the mouse from his laptop out the car door and banging on the road
  • And it still works
  • Like us
  • Now off to serge

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Podcast : Wardrobe planning

And here we go:

Podcast two: wardrobe planning

On having been around a while

This is a birthday month for me and it has occurred to me that one of the things that happens is a person realizes how many stories she has in her head, and how many of those stories still influence her as she has watched the world rotate.

Obviously in no relevant order here are some of those things:

  • I had grandmother who says she had a cousin who was abducted by aliens in Alberta
  • Gone for two weeks 
  • You have to watch those empty roads late at night my grandmother said
  • Particularly in Alberta
  • I once made a bathing suit out broadcloth with a zipper in the bottoms. I was just following the pattern
  • Looked pretty baggy when wet I can tell you
  • I remember being a kid and going to the farm and the phone on the wall was on a party line
  • Different rings for different houses and if you were quiet you could keep up to date
  • A background where my mother said "you know Eldon's wife lost her leg to cancer
  • But she got in the wheelchair and she still got her canning done"
  • Of course she did
  • My mother is on Instagram now 
  • I am old enough to remember my dad saying no woman could be president
  • Come her period she would blow the world up
  • No one argued because he was a pharmacist and obviously had the inside medical scoop
  • Plus he had no idea of how much goes on after the menopause
  • Glad I have come this far