Monday, July 20, 2009

The last to know

It is no news to me that I am not on the leading edge, just sewing on the edge, so I am happy to report that other sewers are way ahead of me on this Cozy thing, so please check out Sigrid's and Tany's blogs for some great detail and pattern ideas.

DKNY's Cozy

If you haven't already check out this cardigan thingy from Donna Karan and the video that goes with it, look for the 12 ways to wear it in the sidebar at the size. Also take a good look at the price and have a good think about the sewing time involved.

Erica Bunker fashionista extraordinaire did a nice version of this last summer and posted pictures on her blog

I am posting a couple of pattern thoughts here, I think the Vogue is closest, and I think too that some fine tuning of the length and hem shape might be necessary to get the DKNY look.

Sort of cooler when you see all the variations in the video than on the pattern envelope, a definite low risk project I think I will try to see if it makes me more stylish.

What do you think?