Monday, June 11, 2012

Little break

I have great sewing things I want to write right now but my life chores and getting all my students organized (never an easy task) is getting in the way.

I go in for my surgery at 6:00 am tomorrow and not sure when I will be back blogging, about a week or so I expect. 

I feel I don't have the kind of life where I can take time out. But I also know if you look sideways at life with those kinds of thoughts then you are setting yourself up to be reminded.

So I will try to do what I am supposed to.

I have every confidence in my size zero doctor with her tiny hands and her excellent brain, in my husband's ability to wait on me hand and foot (I have made my expectations quite clear) and in my medical daughter's ability to get me up and moving.

I have chocolate stashed in my bedside table, baskets of patterns and knitting projects where they are handy, and the iPad fully charged.

I figure that's all I can do at my end of the business.

We will be talking soon.